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Zoom: recording-vocal session

"Break your f***ing face tonight"!!! hell yes, what a great show, thank you Die Cafete, the night was amazing, we had a blast rocking the house!!! Big THANK YOU to all the fans and friends for coming out and rocking with us! Vonation next stop: Corn'Rock Festival 2016 28.05.2016 ! See yall there

dead end

Zoom: recording-vocal session

Yeahhhh Dead End (Bern) what a night, you guys ROCKED and we had a blast with yall!! huge thank you to Boris Grimm and the whole Dead End Crew and thx everyone for coming out!!! Vonation Next stop: Die Cafete Bern 13.05.2016. see yall there! ‪#‎nevergiveup‬ ‪#‎BernNotBrooklyn‬‪#‎Vonation‬

downi gig

Zoom: recording-vocal session

‪#‎iwontdowhatyoutellme‬ !!! What a great moment having ‪#‎hak‬ from  No Reward & HAK Mundartmetal at the stage performing the song ‪#‎killinginthename‬ with us! Thank you all for coming out, we had a blast!! see yall soon ‪#‎nevergiveup‬ #Nevergiveup  ‪#‎BernNotBrooklyn‬
Pic by Tom Schäfer Tom Schäfer Photography ©

upcoming concerts

recording-vocal session

New album and booking our concerts for 2016. vonation is ready with a new killer set and we are very excited to perform our new songs live. we already have some concert dates (visit our dates page). if you wanna book us for a concert at your venue or festival please contact us on our (contact page).

new album

recording-vocal session

Vocal-Recording session with Stev0w for the upcoming Vonation Album. Stay Tuned

Vonation 2016

vonation 2016

working hard! new studio, new songs, new set, new cd and new drummer!! we are booking our concerts for 2016 and finishing our new CD with brand new songs "release in (August - September) 2016". stay tuned!!!

stagend.com profile page

visit our stagend.com profile page. we are searching for concerts for 2016. contact us for booking on our stagend profile page or on our website contact page. Lets rock together!

new Drummer


we have a new drummer!! welcome Mario, we are stoked to have you as our new drummer. we are ready to rock 2016!

Never Give Up!! New Promo Video Online.


we are free promo video

Check out our new promo video. song: "We are free" from our EP (Stand together)!

Killing in the name

Vonation Live at the Gurtenfestival
Killing in the name ( Rage Against The Machine )
Thank you/obrigado/danke: Fans, Friends, Family, Gurten Festival Crew/Team, Appalooza Productions, SRH Swiss / Planetspade.ch. Thank you Vonation Crew for the awesome team work and all the support!!

Gurten Festival


A HUGE THANKYOU/OBRIGADO/DANKE everyone who did support us, online/live #contest #bierhuebeli and Thank you to all our fans, family and friends who came along to see Vonation perform at #gurtenfestival #waldbühne 2014. THX for all the love, support and help!

Thank you Vonation Crew: Gabe Jackson , Patrick Nohl , Kevin Lionel for the awesome team work and all the support!!

Thankyou #gurtenfestivalcrew #appaloozaproductionscrew #backstagecrew#stagecrew #drivers #srfradio #announcer #cateringcrew #soundsnooper#producerstune for the amazing/unforgettable time
Much Love Vonation

backstage Gurtenfestival Acoustic "I'm Not like You"

"I'm Not like You" (after show) Acoustic session at Gurtenfestival! obrigado/danke/thank you: Daniel Beyeler, Alexander Dal Farra, producers tune, dmd2, gurten festival and appalooza productions! Much love, respect and all the Best.

thank you srh switzerland

srh swiss

DANKE/OBRIGADO/THANK YOU SRH Clothing Switzerland ‪#‎family‬ for the huge support at the ‪#‎gurtenfestival‬ !!!!! ‪#‎spaded‬ !!!

anyone can play guitar festival

Zoom: anyone can play guitar festival

Beautiful moment during our show in Bern at the Anyone Can Play Guitar Festival. ! i Love this pic!! Thank you all for the love and support! stand together Vonation
Photo by: Patrick Principe ©

Radio Rabe Show/interview

Listen to our show (Live at Anyone can play guitar Festival) broadcasted / recorded by Radio RaBe. THANK YOU Radio RaBe!!!

Vonation Live at Anyone can play guitar in Bern

Obrigado/Danke/Thank you/Merci Anyone Can Play Guitar Festival!!!! was awesome to rock with y'all!!!!! Bern home sweet home!!!! Obrigado Radio RaBe, all the Fans, Friends and Fam.!!!

bierhübeli bern

Zoom: Live at Bierhübeli

Thank you everyone who came to support us at the Bierhübeli. was amazing to rock the Bierhübeli with you all!!
Photo by: M.Lopez ©

Andando Pela cidade (lugano festival)

Check out our RoadTrip to Lugano, Switzerland and parts from our Concert @ TI/STREET/ART 2014 Urbanova Associazione Festival! Song: "Andando pela cidade".

rawk.ch music webzine

Zoom: rawk . ch

Vonation Review by rawk.ch a Alternative Music Webzine for the Swiss Music Scene. Check their Website, Facebook page and Links! Thanks a lot Rawk.ch Team. See you at the shows!

we will rock you / break stuff

Vonation Live at Alte Kaserne Zürich.
Medley (Queen and Limp Bizkit)

Swiss Live Talents BIG FAMILY PHOTO at the "Bundesplatz" bern

swiss live talents

awesome to be part of the big family photo at the bundesplatz in bern for the swiss live talents. thank you: swiss live talents, Luca Delachaux, Switcher, Trivial Mass, Search-Group and Redbull

vonation at radio rabe

AWESOME RADIO RABE Session yesterday!!!
VIDEO from: A Ladeira (acoustic live at radio rabe)

srh swiss family

Zoom: srh swiss family

srh swiss family meeting. spaded all day everyday

fête de la musique

Zoom: fête de la musique

Valeu Neuchâtel, Switzerland !! Obrigado/Thank you/Danke/Merci Fête de la Musique de Neuchâtel, Patrick Nohl , and to all the fans, friends, fam. for coming out!!! see y'all soon. ! Stand together! Vonation

noise fest galvanik (Zug)

Zoom: noise fest galvanik

Thank you fans, friends and Fam. for coming out!Thank's Mindcollision , Eli Stuber, Freezes Deyna , Silent Circus , SRH Clothing Switzerland and Galvanik Zug crew/team for the special night.

vonation on TI/STREET/ART (Festival della Cultura Urbana) "Lugano"

Zoom: Festival della Cultura Urbana

Grazie mille Lugano, Switzerland !!!!! was awesome to rock with y'all!!! Thank you sooo Much Patrick Nohl for mixing our show. Thank you Pädu for the pics. Thank you Alex and the whole Urbanova Associazione crew for the awesome event! and also a huge thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy our show, specially the guys from Make Plain , was AWESOME to rock with y'all!!!! see y'all at the next show! Vonation

Vonation is the Winner Waldbühne Voting

Zoom: waldbuehne

We Won!!! Number 1!!! Thank you / Obrigado / Danke / Merci! Huge thx to everyone who suported us, Fans, Friends, Family Members and new Fans, You are the Best!!!

altekasere in Zürich

Zoom: altekaserne

What a GREAT Rocking time we had on saturday. Thx a lot Pino Music

srh usa sponsor package

Zoom: srh sponsor

big thx to our sponsor SRH for the package!! spaded for life!!!

dead end bern

Zoom: dead end bern

Vonation and Rien Ne Va Plus at Dead End - Bern. what a great night. thank you fans for coming out and rocking with us!

recording session

Zoom: recording session

vonation Recording Session! Michu-Guitar! new songs soon online. stay tuned

selig (chur)

Zoom: selig chur

amazing show at the selig in chur, sold out show!!! thanks for coming out and for the amazing night together! was awesome to rock with you guys!! Thank you Kaya Hartmann, Saskia Keel , Pit, Selig Tanzbar and Seligcrew, DJ Able und Alex from Rien Ne Va Plus, Tom Schäfer, DJ Firstdub, Anja and everyone who helped and supported us.

gurten festival - gurten bar

Zoom: gurten festival - gurten bar

vonation rocking the gurten bar at the gurten festival! we had a blast!! thx everyone who did rock with us.

Band / Bio

Vonation is:


Estefan (Vocals), Raf (Guitar), Mike (Bass), Michu (Guitar), Mario (Drums)

Formed in 2012 VONATION is a swiss band from bern with brazilian, swiss and french roots delivering a mix of rock, rap, punk, electro, hip-hop.

brazilian portuguese and english rhymes, shouts, powerful rock-hiphop-punk-electro drumgrooves, groovy bass lines and guitar riffs influenced by rage against the machine, Tool, limp bizkit, sublime, ninjaspy, charlie brown jr. and many others is what makes VONATION different.

the energy of VONATION live performance turns the show into a unforgettable musical experience for rockers, rappers, punkers, metal heads and other music listeners.

2013 VONATION rocked stages like: gurtenfestival-gurtenbar in bern, selig in chur, altekaserne in zürich and also the oldschool deadend in bern.

2014 VONATION won the waldbühne-online voting (rank1) and also the "waldbühne LIVE contest" rocking the bierhübeli in bern. VONATION performed at the gurten festival - waldbühne 2014 and also rocked stages/festivals like: Anyone can play guitar in bern, Fête de la musique (Neuchâtel), Galvanik (Zug) and festival of Urban Cultures (Lugano).

2015 VONATION made a concert break to focus on new ideas/songs for the new cd. the new cd will be released in (August - September 2016).

2016 VONATION is ready to rock with a new killer set and brand new songs.


Vonation is available on:


Zoom: Vonation Live
Zoom: Vonation Live
Zoom: Vonation Live
Zoom: Vonation Live
Zoom: Gurtenfestivat 2014
Zoom: Anyone can play Guitar Festival 2014
Zoom: Gurtenfestivat 2014
Zoom: Gurtenfestivat 2014
Zoom: Vonation Live
Zoom: Gurtenfestivat 2014
Zoom: Vonation Live
Zoom: Gurtenfestivat 2014


upcoming concerts

Cotton Club (Gerlafingen)12.03.2016Supporting act: Groove Druidswww.the-cotton-club.ch
Downstairs (Worblaufen- Bern)16.04.2016Vonation and No Reward. Supporting act: Groove Druidswww.downiworblaufen.jimdo.com
Dead End (Bern)30.04.2016For more info visit the websitewww.dead-end.ch
Cafete, Reitschule Bern13.05.2016Friday the 13th night with Vonationwww.cafete.ch
Corn'Rock Festival (Cornaux)28.05.2016For more info, Tickets and Line-up visit the Festival websitewww.cornrock.ch
Bern Rock Night03.09.2016Vonation and HAK. Supporting act: More Info soonMore Info soon
CD Release (Album III)Sep - Okt. 2016More Info soonMore Info soon

Past Concerts

Gurtenfestival  (Bern)20.07.2014www.gurtenfestival.ch
Anyone Can Play Guitar - Festival (Bern)05.07.2014www.anyone-can-play-guitar.ch
Fête de la Musique - Festival (Neuchatel)21.06.2014www.fetemusiquelausanne.ch
Noise-Fest Galvanik (Zug)24.05.2014www.galvanik-zug.ch
Festival of Urban Cultures (Lugano)26.04.2014www.tistreetart.ch
Bierhübeli (Bern)15.03.2014www.bierhuebeli.ch
Altekaserne (Zürich)11.01.2014www.altekaserne.com
 Altekaserne (Zürich)06.12.2013www.altekaserne.com
Dead End (Bern)12.10.2013www.dead-end.ch
 Altekaserne (Zürich)11.10.2013www.altekaserne.com
Selig (Chur)27.09.2013www.selig-live.ch
Gurten Festival-Gurten-Bar (Bern)27.07.2013www.gurtenfestival.ch


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